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Charging pile can not enter the District, the new energy vehicle market is empty talk.

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Charging pile can not enter the District, the new energy vehicle market is empty talk.

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Charging pile can not enter the District, the new energy vehicle market is empty talk.

At the beginning of 2015, Shanghai has adjusted the new energy vehicle policy. The new policy stipulates that from January this year, consumers will have to provide third party charging pile installation certificates. The sales staff of Shanghai Gao Zhan new energy car sales company told reporters that the consumers who bought new energy vehicles have parking spaces in the residential areas, units or nearby locations, and provide third party companies for charging pile installation proof, which can be licensed for free.

Charging pile

In response to this adjustment, the reason given by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of letters is that public opinion reflects that many people are mixing up licences and buying new energy vehicles. They are also using petrol instead of electricity. This policy covers all new energy vehicles sold in Shanghai, but the industry analysis is mainly aimed at BYD Qin, a popular seller in Shanghai last year.

In 2014, Shanghai was the source of new energy vehicle buyers. Taking the pluggable motor car as an example, we can get about 33 thousand and 250 yuan each of the two levels of the central and local subsidies, and get a subsidy of 1~2 million yuan at the first level. In addition, there is a purchase tax relief, and a license plate with a price of about 80 thousand yuan plus a total of nearly 200 thousand yuan. In those days, Qin's sales volume was as high as 14747 vehicles, becoming the new energy bicycle sales champion in Shanghai.

By the end of 2014, the industry launched a public opinion war against plug-in hybrid vehicles. One side believes that a lot of plug - in owners do not have a charging pile, which is basically running in oil and violates the original intention of financial subsidies, and it should not be granted free licences or subsidies. The other side believes that the plug - in motor car is an international technical route, more than 90% of the plugged EMU are driving with electricity, because the charging facilities are too few and should not be cancelled. There are different opinions. Finally, Shanghai has taken a compromise method to continue to give free license plate for the plug-in EMU, but the premise is that the fixed parking space and the installed charging pile must be equipped to avoid the plug and electricity owners who use only oil and no electricity.

To what extent will the policy adjustment affect the sale of plug-in hybrid cars? BYD official said that the new deal makes resources more reasonable, effectively avoiding the status of the use of the pluggable motor vehicle as a traditional fuel vehicle. In the process of execution, the relevant departments also provide more convenience for the implementation of the charging pile, which greatly promotes the universal power of the plugged motor vehicles. In January 2015, BYD Qin's sales volume reached 1911 units, and still faced with the odd number of thousands of status quo. BYD said it would further expand its capacity.

BYD related people said, in order to understand the car owner's car habits, BYD made a number of investigations, the results show that the owner of the average mileage of the total mileage is 89%, at home at home charging at night, charging in the daytime, charging boxes and chargers can be used, very convenient.

SAIC related people said that before the sale of Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid motor vehicles, they would first send people to investigate the conditions for buyers to install charging piles and then sell them. From the survey, installation to the construction of charging piles, consumers will provide about 10 thousand yuan subsidy for construction of the pile before and after SAIC. Therefore, policy adjustment has no impact on SAIC plug-in hybrid motor vehicles.

As for the policy adjustment, the State Ministry of science and Technology (Ministry of science and Technology), 863, plans to support the technical route of the plugged EMU, but Wang Binggang is opposed to the use of oil only without electricity. He believes that plug in hybrid cars are not the problem of cars, but the lack of infrastructure. If infrastructure is inadequate, pure electric vehicles will not develop.

Wang Binggang said: "the solution of the charging problem, in addition to the government system method, consumers to see the way to think of the way is also an important way, but still to prevent fraud. The purchase of plug-in hybrid cars must be done mainly by electricity, enjoying preferential treatment, and the obligation to protect the environment. This is fair. "

Yin Chengliang, director of the automobile energy saving Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said that there were some teachers who bought Qin in the Jiaotong University campus. He was dissatisfied with this phenomenon. In this regard, Wang Binggang believes that, on the one hand, Shanghai Jiaotong University should build a number of charging piles in the school parking lots, the campus of Jiaotong University is too big, if the charging pile is too far, it is not convenient for the busy teachers. On the other hand, the owners of the new energy vehicles have enjoyed a very favorable policy, and the owners of Qin have to do their best to give back to the society by reducing their emissions.

Wang Binggang said, "you are teachers. You should set examples for the students around you and try to recharge them. Professor Yin can also make some reminders on the Internet of Jiaotong University. We all look at the problems in the promotion work with a positive attitude and promote its healthy development. The media can carry out publicity that everyone has social responsibility.

Shanghai's policy adjustment reflects the key problem facing new energy vehicles in China, which is seriously lagging behind in charging facilities. There is a view that Shanghai's new policy is conducive to avoiding owners' plug-in hybrid motor vehicles as fuel vehicles, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of plug-in hybrid motor vehicles industry. But this alone is far from enough. There is a need to introduce a package of measures to promote the construction of charging piles and public charging facilities.

For example, in 2014, the construction of charging piles was hampered by property cases. Many new energy vehicle owners complained that they had been blocked in the construction of charging piles in the district. The reasons for the property refused include: insufficient capacity, insufficient parking space, and worry about safety accidents. Reporter survey found that, because property blocks construction of charging pile and give up new energy vehicles consumers are few. It is urgent for the government to issue documents to help property owners solve the problem of capacitors and parking spaces, standardize the workflow of the property and enlarge the number of charging piles.

Again, the problem of insufficient public charging piles and insufficient convenience is common. Shanghai is a demonstration city for the promotion of new energy vehicles, but according to the public data from the Shanghai new energy automotive propulsion office, the number of new energy vehicles and the number of charging piles in Shanghai were 1 to 0.32 as of last December 31st, due to the charge

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