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Shenzhen charging pile installation method and cost cell installation charging pile safety?

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Shenzhen charging pile installation method and cost cell installation charging pile safety?

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Shenzhen charging pile installation method and cost cell installation charging pile safety?

As green green has become the trend of development, new energy vehicles have become a hot spot. From the experience of vehicles themselves, such as electric vehicles, how to install charging piles and how to install charging piles? How much is the charging pile installation cost?

Shenzhen charging pile

Is Shenzhen charging pile installation method and cost cell installation charging pile safe?

How to install the charging pile

1. "An charging pile needs to be coordinated."

The charging pile is not supposed to fix a few holes on the ground to fix the charging pile, and then pull a wire. In fact, the coordinated workload is quite large. There are four main departments, the users themselves, the automobile enterprises, the electric power companies and the property rights parties. Apply the application directly like the store company in your city, then transfer to the power supply bureau, then the technical engineer will look at the scene, provide the construction plan, if you are in the district installation, also need the consent of the developer.

2. "Residents fear whether the voltage of 380 volts will be electrocuted"

Because the charging voltage of the charging pile is 380 volts and the current is 36 ampere ratio, the electric current is high and the current is strong, so the Property Management Company and the fire department need to be coordinated, because many friends have only heard of the electric car, not really understand it, and take the high line for the cable connecting the charging pile, so it is necessary. Safety instructions issued by the fire department.

3. "The installation fee is 10 thousand yuan."

The charging pile needs the distribution room to re - base power distribution, because the power load of each cell is calculated before installation. If the 100 volt voltage is used in the cell, it only gives you the 120 volt electric switch. Therefore, the high voltage of 380 volt charging pile must be isolated, that is, another switch is set up. This part involves more than 8000 yuan and is borne by ourselves. Then, the electric power company pulled the wire from the switch to the charging pile about 200 meters. The cost of the construction cost, including the hardware facilities of the charging pile, was about 60 thousand yuan, and the country had a corresponding subsidy policy to the power company. At the same time, we also need to pay for the property.

4. "Difficult construction"

In the construction process, we should coordinate the installation of the power distribution cabinet space, and ask the owners to move the vehicle to facilitate construction. The cable that connects the charging pile is thicker than the child's arm, the current of each charging pile is 36 amperes, the 4 is 144 amperes, and the number of the charging piles will be increased in the future. Cable is not laid on the ground, but from the air, because there are many vehicles coming in and out of the underground parking lot, laying on the ground, once the cable is unthinkable, from the air frame, the workload is much larger, but for the sake of safety, it is worth it. In order to air the cable from the air, 4 worker masters spent 4 days to reconnect the previously laid wire slot and lay the cable.

5. "1.26 yuan per kilowatt hour"

The electricity fee is calculated according to the commercial use of electricity, our district is calculated according to the average of 1.26 yuan per kilowatt hour, but some residential meters can automatically calculate which time of the electricity price is cheap and automatically adjust the charging time, which will save money.

6. How much will it cost to build a charging pile?

It is reported that the total investment of the battery rental station (without batteries) for 50 electric buses to replace the 50 electric buses (without batteries) is 30 million million yuan, and the total investment of the site built for 30 electric buses on the basis of the existing parking lot is 10 million yuan, and the construction of the 9 charging parking space is commercialized. The total investment of the charging station is at least 5 million yuan, and the investment of a roadside charging pile is at least 25 thousand yuan.

From the largest electric car business city in the country, the price of a single charge pile varies from two thousand to ten thousand yuan, and the self used charging pile is divided into two kinds, one is "wall hanging" type, and the other is "buried" type. The buried charging pile can only be used for laying foundations, burying wires and electrifying electricity, and the whole process can be controlled within one or two hours. As for the installation of the wall mounted rechargeable pile, it is faster. From charging mode, charging pile has DC charging pile and AC charging pile.

For private car owners, the most important condition for installing charging piles is to have their own private parking spaces. Experts say that the charging of underground parking spaces is relatively better. In the vicinity of underground parking spaces, power is usually found. It is relatively simple to direct the electricity to the parking space. Moreover, there are relatively few people in the underground garage.

7. Is the charging pile safe?

Experts say that the safety performance of charging piles can be guaranteed technically. When the charging pile is installed, it will be made into a closed state as far as possible. Only the user of the charging pile can open the charging interface and effectively prevent the leakage accident.

8. How long does it take to charge a charging pile?

Generally speaking, if all the conditions are available, such as property, power supply and other departments agree, the installation plan is not very complicated, and the installation can be completed in three days. The general process is to install the company's installation plan, get the consent of the power supply department, send someone to install. Under normal circumstances, the charging pile can be loaded in one day, and the power supply department will supply power to the charging pile after acceptance.

9. Maintenance of charging pile

Private car owners do not need special maintenance in the use of charging piles. They only need regular charging piles to install company inspection.

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