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By 2020, the charging radius of electric vehicles in Hangzhou is less than 1 km.

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By 2020, the charging radius of electric vehicles in Hangzhou is less than 1 km.

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By 2020, the charging radius of electric vehicles in Hangzhou is less than 1 km.


Reporter 16 from the state network Hangzhou power supply company learned that by 2020, the company will complete 50 public charge power stations and 3000 public charging piles construction tasks, then Hangzhou urban electric vehicle charging service radius will be less than 1 kilometers.

It is understood that Hangzhou has now taken the lead in realizing the 2 kilometers of the main city area in the Zhejiang Province, the core area of the 900 meter electric vehicle charging service radius and the full coverage of the high speed service area charging network.

Hangzhou is one of the first batch of new energy vehicles in the country. On the 15 day, a total of 6245 trains in Hangzhou area completed charging through the national grid charging pile, and the single day charging volume exceeded 100 thousand degrees, ranking the highest in the country. It is estimated that the charging capacity of electric vehicles in Hangzhou can replace 15 thousand tons of fuel annually and reduce 34 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.

Feng Tao, director of the electric car of Hangzhou power supply company, said that next, Hangzhou power supply company will complete the work of charging stations around the Asian Games, focusing on the completion of the 11 supporting charging facilities in the 11 Asian Games venues, such as the main venues of the Qianjiang century city of Xiaoshan and the volleyball center of Yuhang District, etc., to serve the events and the surrounding people. That's ok.

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