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Charging piles are facing many difficulties. How can we cope with new energy?

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Charging piles are facing many difficulties. How can we cope with new energy?

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Charging piles are facing many difficulties. How can we cope with new energy?

According to the statistics of Shenzhen new energy vehicle application and promotion center, the total number of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen in 2017 totaled 75898, and the total number of new energy vehicles in the city reached 156726. In addition, according to other data, up to now, Shenzhen has more than 26427 kinds of charging piles. On the above data, charging pile operation is still promising. However, because of the unclear profit model and other factors, the rechargeable pile operators are still on the road to grow, and when to break out a new world to become the focus of the industry.

In the afternoon of March 1st, Shenzhen new energy vehicle application and promotion center visited the new energy of Shenzhen new energy vehicle charging network infrastructure construction and operation - the new energy of Hong Jiali. It exchanged and shared the profit model of the charging pile and the problems faced with the operation of Shenzhen Hong Jiali new energy exhibition.

Charging station operation

Operation is facing many difficulties and needs to be solved

The operation of the charging station still faces many problems at the moment, such as the partial charging station is only open to the bus and the utilization rate of the charging station is low; the unsupervised charge parking space is occupied by other fuel vehicles for a long time. To some extent, these problems impede the operation of the charging station.

Speaking of these problems, hung Jiali new energy said that as a charging pile operator with 139 charging stations in Shenzhen, more than 400 charging stations, more than 8000 total charging piles and more than 40% of the charge, Hong Carrie new energy truly feels that the operation of the charging station is not easy, but the future of the new energy for the charging pile operation is the future of Hong Jia Li. Still full of confidence, we are continuing to solve problems in operation through beneficial exploration. For example, at present, the company is actively negotiating with the station manager and the bus company, striving for the open part of the charging station only for the bus, providing reliable charging services for all kinds of electric vehicles in the society, improving the utilization rate of the charging stations, in order to provide a better charge service experience for the new energy owners.

A single profit model needs to be further explored and perfected

With the sharp increase in the number of electric vehicle users and the significant increase in charging service charges, the profit turning point of charging piles seems to be getting closer and closer. But limited by many factors, the profit model of the whole charging station is single. It mainly relies on the subsidy of charging facilities and the charge of charging service and electricity, and the high cost of equipment, land and power supply and distribution facilities, which leads to the no profit of the charging pile operation. Hong Jiali's new energy sources believe that the income of charging services can not be the key to the profit of the whole charging pile, and the profit of the future charging pile can only come from the value-added service. For example, when the charging pile reaches a certain scale, the advertising business becomes a channel of profit, and the new energy is made using the space from the rechargeable station to carry out the new energy. Source vehicle display and diversified services are also beneficial attempts.

For the time being, there is still no clear profit model for charging piles in China. There is no successful experience abroad for reference. But in a sense, the lack of profit model just leaves the market blank, and who can have a better mode can move the big market. Hongjiali new energy, which is committed to exploring new business models, is a rare opportunity.

Be independent and lack interoperability and open platform

Up to now, there are more than 40 new energy vehicles charging facilities for new energy vehicles put on record by the Shenzhen development and Reform Commission, but it is denouncement that almost every charging pile operation enterprise has its own service client and settlement mode, and Shenzhen lacks a unified platform for charging the charging pile interconnected and interconnected intelligent service. From the user experience, this leads to the difficulties of finding a pile and paying a lot of money, which has repeatedly plagued owners and indirectly affects the efficiency of charging piles.

Speaking of this problem, Hong Jiali new energy sources said that it is not easy to build a unified intelligent service platform for the interconnection and interoperability of charging piles, which involves the game of multi interests, and the new energy of Hong Jiali is open to this, and hopes to coordinate the interests of all parties in an open and transparent way. This will bring many benefits to the charging pile operators, such as charging services and improving the efficiency of charging facilities. For the users of electric vehicles, they can also provide them with full and accurate charging information. It is convenient for users to look for piles, check piles, make reservations and use charging piles, and bring better service experience.

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