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Wireless charging innovation is germinating. Can charging pile protect its body?

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Wireless charging innovation is germinating. Can charging pile protect its body?

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Wireless charging innovation is germinating. Can charging pile protect its body?

The development of cars has evolved over the past hundred years. From the steam age to the year of steam and diesel, and to the electric cars running all over the land, the shape of the four wheels has not changed too much, but the central part has changed dramatically. Now. The electric car is just beginning to go into the high speed channel, and when you are still vexing for a charging pile, a new innovation of wireless charging is being quietly sprouting!

Charging pile

  The first rechargeable route of Swedish registration International

  Internationally, the first "electrified road" eRoadArlanda was registered in Stockholm, Sweden, and the road can be charged for moving electric cars and trucks. The road links the Stockholm Aranda airport freight station and the Russel J Begg logistics area, with a length of 2 kilometers, consisting of a number of independent sections of a number of 50 meters, only to recharge the vehicles traveling on this section. Through the moving arm at the bottom of the vehicle, the electric energy is transferred from the two tracks on the road to the vehicle battery. The project manager and the deputy director of the Swedish National Road and transport seminar show that the plan will carry out the electrified road that can be filled in more roads.

Electric cars carry huge rechargeable stores

  Now, all the countries in the world are vigorously promoting the development of electric cars. The number of huge electric cars has brought wide space for the shopping mall. Taking our country as an example, the relevant data show that by February 2018, the members of the alliance reported 244023 public charging piles, including 102048 charging piles, 75922 DC charging piles and 66053 alternating current and direct charging piles.

  From the data point of view, the number of charging piles is just as fast as that of electric cars. The huge electric car mall brings a wide demand for charging. However, the electric car market has a broad prospect, but now it still faces many problems, such as small number of piles, low charging power, disagreement of charging equipment, charging address by line control and so on. Based on this, wireless charging skills emerge as the times require!

  The global wireless charging innovation is quietly sprouting

  The old apple mobile phone call, not charging line is the future of Apple phone, with fire wireless charging! According to the discussion, the global wireless charging store reached about $7 billion 160 million in 2017, a figure of $456 million 860 thousand in 2011. In the past few years, the annual compound growth rate of shopping malls is about 57.46%. Today, the wireless charging market is mainly led by Japan, and the North American shopping mall estimates that the growth rate will be faster in the next few years. The use of wireless charging in electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet PCs now has a large share of the mall, but the use of cars is just in its infancy.

Charging pile

  In fact, speaking of car wireless charging, Sweden is not the first case. The concept of wireless charging skills has been proposed since nineteenth Century, with continuous research and research institutions to develop skills; in 2007, the wireless charging skills entered the rapid development stage; in 2010, the car industry began to continue the use of related skills. In recent years, wireless charging has become a hot issue. Many parts suppliers, car companies and technology companies have never stopped developing the wireless charging test for new energy cars.

  Japan once demonstrated wireless charging skills at a trade fair. Unlike Sweden, this wireless charging skill is actually used in practical use. The power of the generator is necessary to reach 100 times the display model to recharge the electric car in the traveling. The power loss is 10%-20% during the use of the mixed soil to the car, and the energy loss problem remains to be further discussed.

  In 2016, Evatran developed the Plugless Power system to provide wireless charging for Tesla Model S. But only after the adapter receives the power of the charging board, the wireless charging is completed. In May 2017, Qualcomm declared an experiment on wireless charging in an electric car, adding an inductive charging device on the road so that the car could be charged at the side of the car. Unlike most induction charging, high pass Halo technology provides high energy transmission across space, and is suitable for many types of vehicles. With multiple coil planning, even if the charging board is not aligned with the vehicle, it can still carry out efficient energy transmission.

  At the end of 2017, the mainland car announced the wireless induction charging board equipped with sensors. The wireless charging network system mainly relies on the underground charging board to launch the electromagnetic, the induction coil on the car is subjected to electromagnetic and the electromagnetic transformation principle is used to charge the battery for the vehicle. The system is combined with a micro navigation device to allow vehicles to accurately stop over the charging board. Compared with the traditional parking system, the accuracy of the system is 10 times higher.

  In April 10, 2018, the KIA modern American technology center was testing the car's wireless charging. According to the leak, the wireless charging skill can supply 10 kilowatts of electricity for a car, with a power of 85%, similar to the wireless charging of the mobile phone. The car enterprise will install a transmitter coil on the ground, and the receiver coil in the car, when the two coils are connected in a straight line, The electromagnetic field between the launches and the receiving coils forms an electromagnetic field and ends the transmission of electric energy.

  In fact, the same number of people who are involved in wireless charging in China, BYD applied for the patent of non touch induction charger as early as December 2005. In 2014, a 40 foot pure electric bus sold by BYD was equipped with the latest WAVE wireless charging pad. In the first two years, ZTE announces its entry into the wireless charging area, announces that it has invested 3 billion 500 million yuan to develop wireless charging skills for pure electric cars.

  What is the future of electric vehicle wireless charging skills? It might eventually make the new energy sedan completely out of line with the heavy battery module, exempting the unsafe wires, and even running on the road full of charging cables. However, this skill has to go through many thresholds, such as the development of electric vehicle skills. The wireless charging of mobile phones is the same as mobile phone. Most of the electric cars developed by car companies are mostly using magnetic resonance and electromagnetic transformation for battery charging. However, electric cars have the same problem of energy loss in the process of wireless charging. Therefore, as far as possible the improvement of charging power is still in the current sedan chair. The problems faced by car manufacturers and technology companies.

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