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Min push 36 "peoples livelihood project package", Ningde will build 320 public charging piles

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Min push 36 "peoples livelihood project package", Ningde will build 320 public charging piles

Date of release:2018-06-29 Author:Public charging pile Click:

Min push 36 "people's livelihood project package", Ningde will build 320 public charging piles


    The main points are to speed up the construction of public charging infrastructure for public service places, in which 320 Ningde, three villages and 150 thousand septic pool type household toilets in the countryside, and 35 thousand households in Ningde. Recently, the provincial government office issued the implementation plan of the investment package in 2018, and decided to implement 36 investment projects in 2018, with an annual plan of 111 billion 300 million yuan.

Public charging pile

  According to the implementation plan, our province will continue to promote a number of investment projects, and constantly improve the efficient operation mechanism and complete supporting measures, during which a number of projects have touched our city. For example, the high standard farm construction package will be invested 2 billion yuan in the whole year. 1 million 833 thousand and 400 mu of high standard farmland was built throughout the year. On the basis of the construction mission of high standard farmland in various agricultural organizations, we add 698 thousand and 900 mu of high standard farmland in accordance with the principle of "what is missing and supplementing what", and the construction of high standard farmland is 698 thousand and 900 mu, during which 103 thousand mu. The charging infrastructure equipment package is invested 500 million yuan a year. Construction of more than 3560 public charging pile, the main points to accelerate the construction of public service pile of public charging pile foundation equipment. In the meantime, there are 320 Ningde. Flood control and waterlogging (high water and high platoon) engineering package at the county level and above has been invested 620 million yuan in the whole year. To accelerate the construction of Fuzhou Jiangbei City, Fuzhou regional university new campus, Zhangping City, Chou Ning County, Zhangzhou hi-tech zone and other 5 projects in construction, construction of the construction of Liancheng, Shouning, Pucheng and other 3 projects, active promotion of Changle, Ninghua, clearing, political and other 4 projects. The hazardous waste pollution prevention package has been invested 200 million yuan in the whole year. It is important to build up a batch of hazardous waste disposal equipment for the development of regional industry and hazardous waste, and promote the construction of hazardous waste induction equipment in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan and Ningde.。


It is worth mentioning that the logistics park progressive engineering package completed 3 billion 300 million yuan a year. Depending on the logistics node city and the transportation link, combining the industrial structure and the location conditions, the main points are to promote the construction of 20 or more inductive service, freight link type, trade and service type, production service type, port service logistics park, perfect the park supporting equipment, advance the information level of the park, and further advance the logistics park Management and service ability. On the basis of continuous relevant policies and measures, it is planned to standardize warehousing equipment and express distribution center for the logistics park of more than 10 thousand square meters and more than 3 (including) e - commerce enterprises in our province (including) electronic commerce enterprises. The Ministry of credit commission is subsidized by 5% of the project capital contribution, and the maximum is not more than 1 million yuan; The flow Park contributes more than 5 million yuan to the construction of the logistics public information channels, the Provincial Committee of the Ministry of information is given a one-time subsidy according to 20% of the capital contribution, and the maximum is not more than 3 million yuan; the priority support engineering package project is declared the provincial model area of the provincial service industry cluster (Logistics Park), and it has been identified as the provincial demonstration area (Logistics Park) of the service industry. The provincial service industry carries out 5 million yuan subsidy for guiding funds, and promotes the construction of pre cooling equipment, centralized distribution center, low temperature distribution center, cold storage for the construction of the logistics park, the storage of energy saving and environmental cold chain transport vehicles and retail terminals, refrigerated equipment, and related projects to support the support conditions of the provincial service industry. At the provincial level, the guiding funds for the service industry will be supported by rules.

Min push 36 "people's livelihood project package", Ningde will build 320 public charging piles

  In addition, our province will expand a number of investment packages. It includes the whole area ecological travel infrastructure and public service engineering package, which has invested 2 billion 800 million yuan in the whole year. 9 cities and counties (districts) have been set up to create a national full domain travel demonstration area and 15 counties (cities and districts) to establish a provincial full domain travel demonstration area. The main points are to support the construction of the basic travel equipment and public service projects, and promote the transformation of the whole province from "scenic travel" to "whole area ecological travel". On the basis of continuous relevant policies and measures, the main points of provincial travel special funds have been subsidized by 4 million yuan, 25 million yuan and 7 million 500 thousand yuan of regional landmark products. 2 serious travel items are selected, which are divided into 2~3 years with a subsidy of 30 million yuan, and 10 million yuan supporting key points.

  The construction package for urban and rural public toilet completed 530 million yuan a year. On the basis of accelerating the construction of public toilet in cities and towns, we should widen the implementation of rural public toilets and travel toilets. In the meantime, the transformation of rural household toilet completed 90 million yuan. In the countryside, there are three new septic tanks and 150 thousand household toilets, with 35 thousand households in Ningde. On the basis of continuous relevant policies and measures, the provincial financial organization in 2018 awarded 95 million yuan for the award, subsidized the new urban and urban public toilet projects per seat of 50 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan per seat in the rural public toilet project, 47 million 500 thousand yuan for the award replacement fund, and a subsidy for each seat of 60 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan per seat (23). At the provincial level of poverty alleviation and development, 10 thousand yuan per seat in the county is added, and the third toilet per seat of class 4A or above is 20 thousand yuan per seat; the organization is awarded 90 million yuan for the award, and the rural household toilets are subsidized by 600 yuan per household.

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