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12000 electric vehicle charging piles will be built in Banan by 2020

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12000 electric vehicle charging piles will be built in Banan by 2020

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12000 electric vehicle charging piles will be built in Banan by 2020

Chongqing business news reporter yesterday from Banan District learned that the area will improve the electric vehicle charging infrastructure system, by 2020, the accumulative total of 70 charging stations, 12000 charging piles.

Electric vehicle charging pile

It is reported that the Banan district has more than 400 electric vehicles charging piles, and most of them are located along the electric bus and around the large shopping mall, and the electric vehicle charging facilities in other areas are almost zero.

The special planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (2017 - 2020) has been introduced in Banan District, which requires the construction of charging piles (stations) in traffic hub stations, scenic spots, Intercity Express Roads, professional parking lots (buildings), business units and residential areas according to the principle of "moderate advance and orderly construction". By 2020, there will be 70 charging stations and 12000 charging piles.

By 2020, the urban area of Banan provided an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a proportion of no less than 10% of the total number of parking spaces; in principle, 1 public charging stations were provided every 1 kilometers in accordance with the service radius; at least 1-2 public charging stations were built in each key tourist scenic area, and safe gas stations, gas stations, and highway services with safe conditions were provided. Area and so on to realize full coverage of charge and exchange facilities.

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