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An interpretation of the status of the 2017 charging pile industry

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An interpretation of the status of the 2017 charging pile industry

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An interpretation of the status of the 2017 charging pile industry

Recently, in the charge of the pile, all over the world is a frequent action, the more than 30 provinces and cities in the same policy mentioned in the relevant policies mentioned the development of charging piles and subsidies, it is rare. This can not help but make people wonder: is the charging pile market still a blue ocean, and there will be a bigger explosion in the future? Today, we will talk about charging piles from all angles of non technology. Maybe you have the answer.


First, the number of charging piles

It is reported that in early 2010, the number of charging piles in China was about 1 thousand. By 2013, there were 20 thousand breakthroughs in the number. The latest data issued by the China charging alliance showed that by the end of July this year, 180684 of the public charge piles were reported in the alliance members, 149011 of the charging piles were reported in the alliance, and only 330 thousand of the total charge piles were reported in the alliance. A great deal of development has been achieved in the past few years.

Look at the distribution of the number of charging piles in various places. The top ten provinces and cities with the number of public charging piles are in turn Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Anhui, Tianjin, Zhejiang, and Hubei. As a whole, there are 5 provinces and cities with a number of more than 10000 public charging piles, most of which are Beijing, with 25 thousand and 100 public charging piles, 24 thousand and 100 Guangdong and 19 thousand Shanghai. In fact, it is not difficult to find the characteristics of the ranking, in front of the most economically developed and local car enterprises, mainly due to the high acceptance of electric vehicles in the local and the promotion of the local government is relatively large.

Two. The brand status of the charging pile

The growing market of the charging pile and the huge market potential have led to a large number of enterprises, in addition to the Power Grid Corp, the car enterprises and so on, as well as the power supply enterprises, power supply enterprises and electric equipment manufacturers, the Internet enterprises and the automobile production enterprises. At present, China's mainstream charging pile brands have reached dozens, including the national grid, China Southern Power Grid, and so on. Each charge pile brand also has its own advantages. For example, the State Grid is an important state-owned backbone enterprise. As of the end of June 2017, the national Power Grid Corp has built 44 thousand public charging piles. The South power grid will serve as the core of new energy electric vehicles and related industries. In the construction and operation of the charging pile and the lease of new energy vehicles, 660 million yuan will be invested in the construction of 13800 charging piles in Shenzhen during the "13th Five-Year" period. An Hyatt charge is a one-stop service provider that specializes in the investment, construction and operation of the new energy vehicle charging facilities under the SAIC Group. The charge stake market in Shanghai area reached 92.3% in 2016. By the end of July, the number of rechargeable piles in the country was 8069. As of 2020, an Yue charging plan has built 660 thousand charging piles nationwide.

There are many brands of charging piles, which are unknown. But the wave of this wave is bound to be a process of cleaning the sand, development is the first productivity, technology and innovation are the driving force of development, service is the basic guarantee, and such enterprises like an Hyatt charge not only have strong backing, but also relatively independent, which will enable enterprises to have good service and technology. At the same time, there is no lack of strong innovation and creativity. It is bound to win a place in the market.

Three. The situation of the policy of charging pile

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the state and provincial governments have provided many incentive policies for charging piles. According to the annual report on the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in China (2016-2017) jointly compiled by the State Energy Administration and the China electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance, more than 30 provinces and cities have issued a subsidy policy for the construction of the charging facilities. The subsidy is increased and the subsidy is up to 30% of the investment of the facilities.

For example, the Shenzhen Finance Committee and the Shenzhen development and Reform Commission issued the notice of the fiscal support policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen in 2017 in July 26th, and a substantial reduction in existing auto subsidies. At the same time, the subsidy for charging piles is twice as high as that of last year.

In Beijing, before the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, "Beijing city electric vehicle charging infrastructure special plan (2016-2020)", will be built before 2020 electric car charging pile about 435 thousand, effectively to protect the time of the 600 thousand electric vehicles charging demand. By 2020, the charging radius of urban key areas will be less than 0.9 km.

In addition, according to the relevant policies of Tangshan City, a one-time subsidy is given in accordance with 20% of the total investment in infrastructure construction. Xiamen grants financial assistance to the newly built public charging facilities by 20% of the investment of the charging station equipment. The basic situation in various places can be summarized as the sign of reducing and withdrawing from the subsidy for new energy vehicles. The subsidy for the infrastructure construction of charging pile and the potential of the charging pile market will increase. The analysis of the experts in the industry is that the charging pile industry will usher in a big development in the next three years and the scale of the market can reach hundreds of billions.

Four, who is pushing the market for charging piles to grow?

From the above description, the charging pile market is growing stronger. From the economic point of view, the right and left market is nothing more than the supply and demand and the regulation of the government. What is the result of the increasing supply of the charging pile and who is the pushing hand, basically it can be attributed to two points, one is the increasing demand for the charging pile, and the two is the government's charging pile for construction and operation. Regulation and control.

In terms of demand for charging piles, insufficient number of charging piles is a major factor hindering the development of new energy vehicles. It is reported that the number of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 1 million, and the construction of charging piles has been dragging its feet. As we all know, sustainable development is the basic national policy of China. However, in today's greenhouse effect and environmental pollution, the number of motor vehicles in our country is very large, the emission of automobile exhaust is large and the quantity is still increasing year by year. Therefore, the control of automobile exhaust is a task with a long way to go, the state and the local government. It also advocates green travel and tries to curb such pollution. The root cause of this is to reduce exhaust emissions or even zero emissions, which is why the development of new energy vehicles and related fields has been vigorously developed. At the same time, this is why the demand for charging piles grows.

In terms of state regulation, it is precisely because the sustainable development is the basic national policy of China. The state needs to guide and promote the structural upgrading of the industrial economy so as to make the national economy develop in a sustainable direction and benefit the future generations.

Five, obstacles and solutions to the development of charging piles.

There is a great demand for charging piles in the market. The State encourages the construction of charging piles. Is that the construction of charging piles will be smooth sailing? The reality tells us that it's not. Let's look at the problems from the perspective of owners, operators and the government.

In the car owner, many consumers reflect that even if the charging pile is found, many times the charging pile is occupied by the fuel vehicle or the vehicle that is not charged. It can not complete the charge at all, which greatly reduces the use efficiency of the charging pile. There are also a few cases where the charging pile can not be charged due to damage, which can be classified as personal quality category. Personally, it is believed that such a phenomenon can not be tolerated, and operators can establish appropriate punishment mechanisms together with the government to reduce such incidents.

There are a lot of problems in the operators, for example, there are great differences in the way of settlement, the modes of payment by different operators are not uniform, some mobile phones can be paid, some need to use recharge cards, and the charge cards of different operators are different. And basically, all operators have their own APP, so it is rather cumbersome to use them. They need to download different applications to deal with different charging pile operators. In addition, many imperfect operators' services can not keep up with the charging piles, and problems can not be solved in time. In fact, the solution to these problems is also relatively clear, as far as possible unified settlement method, can use the current domestic mainstream payment methods; unified access to the common platform, to achieve interconnection and intercommunication; perfect services, from the customer.

On the government side, government related policies have begun to tilt towards charging piles. There should be more incentive policies in the future. At present, the main problems exist mainly for the operators, such as the formalities of pile building, such as the application of electricity, the project design, engineering design, engineering construction, completion acceptance, table connection and other processes, the time of audit is long, some also need the evaluation of relevant departments, the whole pile construction process cycle is long. It is also the high cost of the land to build the pile, which has greatly increased the cost of the operators. It is reported that some of the company's charging pile operation is not profitable, and is in a state of loss or profit. This requires government departments to streamline the process and increase subsidies so as to encourage related enterprises to build their own piles.

In conclusion, there are some obstacles in the development of China's charging pile market, but with the development of new energy vehicles and the efforts of all parties, the market share will increase gradually in the next few years, and the charging pile will be in the outbreak period in China.

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