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What are the reasons for the popularity of the AC charging pile

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What are the reasons for the popularity of the AC charging pile

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What are the reasons for the popularity of the AC charging pile

As the name suggests, the AC charging pile is a device that uses the standard electric vehicle charging interface and provides the AC power service for the electric vehicle with the vehicle charger. It has the unique advantages of the high degree of system integration and the safety and stability. So it is welcomed and sought after by the owners of the electric vehicle. What are the reasons for the popularity of the current charging piles?

AC charging pile

What are the reasons for the popularity of the AC charging pile

1. High degree of integration

The integration of the simple AC charging pile is very high. It integrates the functions of charge control, human operation, safety protection and metering and billing, and reduces the working strength of the operators, and also provides convenience for the car owners. Therefore, this is an important reason why the AC charging pile is very popular.

2. High charging efficiency

Now many manufacturers will install large storage batteries to meet consumers' needs in order to meet the user's longer demand. The most important advantage of this kind of AC charging pile is that it is very efficient and can make the storage battery full in a very short time, so it can be better. Meet people's higher demand for charging time.

3. High safety and stability

The high quality AC charging pile can provide reliable and safe electricity for the user. The equipment will automatically judge whether the charging connector and the charging cable are connected correctly. When the charging pile is correctly connected with the electric vehicle, the charging pile will be electrified so as to ensure the stability of the charging. In addition, when the leakage situation occurs, the charge can be exchanged and charged. The pile will automatically turn off the power and activate the alarm button, so that the safety of users and staff can be guaranteed.

The reasons for the popularity of the AC charging pile are not only due to its high integration and safety stability, but also the advantages of high charging efficiency, the high demand of the user and the high efficiency of the safety and operation of the equipment, but the user should also advance the use of the AC charging pile in advance. Understand the characteristics of this product, in order to better play the role of charging pile.

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