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Solar power assisted electric car charging pile manufacturers to beautify the development

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Solar power assisted electric car charging pile manufacturers to beautify the development

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Solar power assisted electric car charging pile manufacturers to beautify the development

Shanghai is the first line of cities to quickly build charging piles for electric cars, but with the increasing demand for electric cars charging piles, large capacity constraints in the old city of Shanghai, lack of land resources, and the hard discarding of the pre built cable cars, many old districts have spent a lot of charge for charging electric cars. Strength and money. In order to relieve the pressure of electrical capacitance, Jingan District, Shanghai, recently built a new photovoltaic super large parking lot in an old residential district beyond 3000, converting solar energy, and charging piles of electric cars to provide charging service for hundreds of electric cars.

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It is understood that the conversion of photovoltaic electric car charging station can be inclusive of more than 100 electric cars, electric cars have a gathering of the local charging parking, the parking pressure on fuel cars in the residential area has also improved a lot. Not only that, in order to provide convenience for some remote electric car users, there are more than 300 electric car charging piles installed in the underground parking garage. In order to carry out the application of electric car charging pile, the property also sent a representative to inquire the charging demand of the door, organized a reasonable charging schedule, so that the condition of the charging wire plate in the residential area is much less, some are still using the old method to charge the electric car, the residential property is also relative. Understand the situation and assist users to learn and use electric car charging piles quickly.

The annual capacity of the charging station of the PV electric car can reach 30 thousand degrees. The charging station selects the full automatic monitoring and control plan, sets the finite position device, controls the number of vehicles in the parking lot, and eliminates the congestion and rubbing of the photovoltaic electric car charging station. In order to ensure the safety of the charging station of the PV electric car, the central system can monitor the safe operation condition of each electric car charging pile, connect the alarm and emergency power break system, so as to maintain the safety of the electric car.

The residents of this district show that the electric car users have been demanding the electric car charging pile in the last two years. The property has been busy for several times. It is not the failure of the device. It is not in line with the requirements of the electric car owners. And the construction reasons have repeatedly been complains by the owners of the fuel car. The photovoltaic electric car charging station is the exchange of the property and the town leadership, the multi capital construction, not only the electric car recharging station from scratch, the utility is perfect, the service charge is also reasonable, electric car owners and fuel car owners are very satisfied.

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