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Baoding plans to build 14 thousand and 500 charging piles by 2020 to meet the charging demand of 20 thousand new energy vehicles.

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Baoding plans to build 14 thousand and 500 charging piles by 2020 to meet the charging demand of 20 thousand new energy vehicles.

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Charging pile is known, "Baoding new energy vehicle charging infrastructure special planning (2016-2025 years)" has been released by a day ago, by 2020, the city needs to build 14 thousand and 500 charging piles to meet the charging demand of 20 thousand new energy vehicles.

This plan divides the charging infrastructure into public charging piles (mainly for electric vehicles, such as private vehicles, taxis, renting cars, etc.), special charging piles (main power supply and public buses, taxis, rental cars and special vehicles for sanitation, logistics, postal services, etc.), self used charging piles (mainly for private passenger cars and Three types of charge use for public service cars. In 2020, the city built these charging piles, including 6200 public charging piles, 2100 special charging piles, 6200 self used charging piles, 40 bus special charging stations, 20 taxi special charging stations, 70 cities, high speed service areas and national provincial public fast charging stations. By 2025, the city has built 33000 charging piles, and basically built a charging infrastructure system with moderate advance, vehicle piles and intelligent and efficient charging.

The layout of the charging infrastructure is used in the city. The construction of parking lot and fixed parking space in residential areas or units is given priority. Combining the existing bus station to build the special charging station for the bus, and building the special charging station of the vehicle, such as the sanitation and logistics, the taxi charging station is planned in the centralized parking area of the taxi.

The plan confirms that the proportion of public charging piles and new energy vehicles in the city is not less than 1:7; every 2000 electric vehicles will at least build a public charging station; the public charge service radius of the urban core area is less than 0.9 kilometers; a bus charging station is at least 20 piles and one taxi charge at least 20 piles.

The plan divides the lotus pool area, competition show area and hi-tech zone into the main urban area, Qingyuan, Manchu city and Xushui district are divided into new urban areas. The Zhuozhou, Gaobeidian, Dingxing, Gaoyang four counties (cities) and Baigou new town in the ring xixiong Anxin district are divided into the frontier areas of the New District, which are divided into Laiyuan, Laishui and Yixian County in the baidu holiday resort of West Beijing. Other counties (cities) are divided into characteristic industrial demonstration zones.

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