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Honda recharge 15 minutes for 240 km

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Honda recharge 15 minutes for 240 km

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Honda Motor Company will launch a 15 minute battery charging 150 miles (about 241 kilometers) electric vehicle in 2020, and the super charging pile will also be on the scene. At the same time, Japan is also expected to sell its charging capacity of 350 kilowatts in 2020. At present, the fastest charging pile in Japan is 150 kilowatts.

Charging pile

Before this move, Honda motor will launch large scale new energy vehicles in Europe and Japan in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Honda will also seek partners in the production of new batteries, but it has yet to be determined.

Under the background of the development of new energy vehicles in the world, a large number of battery technology breakthroughs have emerged. If the cost factors are taken into consideration, only some of them are practical. However, there are other forces that play a role, such as battery capacity, materials, power output and vehicle endurance. Especially in the increasingly obvious advantages of electric vehicles, automobile manufacturers, technology companies and university research institutes are competing to develop new energy technologies, which are intended to occupy the technical heights of technology. Fiske Motors says its EMotion pure electric super run will be 9 minutes long and 125 miles long. StoreDot, an Israeli technology company, recently announced that it could achieve 300 minutes of full power in 5 minutes. Tesla is also developing its super charger for its electric truck. The 30 minute fast mileage can be up to 400 miles.

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