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Car companies jointly build oil enterprises to change the European charging pile industry to usher in investment climax

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Car companies jointly build oil enterprises to change the European charging pile industry to usher in investment climax

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At present, the promotion of electric vehicles in Europe seems to have become a "national campaign". Some European countries, such as Britain and France, are considering the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles, and Volvo and Volkswagen have also launched an ambitious strategy of electrification. In addition to the introduction of electric vehicle products, vehicle companies are speeding up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Recently, the four biggest vehicle companies in Europe, the Volkswagen (including Audi and Porsche), BMW, Daimler and Ford, announced the establishment of IONITY to focus on the development of the HPC network. According to the plan, IONITY plans to build 400 fast charging stations in Europe by 2020.

Charging pile

The dynamoelectric tide is threatening. The traditional oil giants are also afraid that they will be abandoned by the times. They are starting to transform and deploy charging piles. Recently, Holland Shell has acquired the largest electric vehicle charging station operator in Europe. Recently, BP, the oil giant, said that they were working with some car companies to discuss the charging piles around the filling station. Starting from Europe, there will be more and more entrants in the global charging pile industry.

The four tycoons layout Pan European charging network

It is reported that the IONITY company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and its charging interface is the unified European standard joint charging system CCS, which can be used for electric vehicle charging under multiple brands. Compared with the current system, the charging efficiency of IONITY charging station will be improved. It is reported that these fast charging stations will also join the mobile payment function in the future. IONITY will start building 20 charging stations in Europe this year, ensuring that there will be a fast charging station every 120 kilometers by the end of the year.

The IONITY charging station network will increase to 100 by 2018 and 400 by 2020. It is reported that the 400 charging stations will be maintained by the IONITY partners, including the Oil Natural Gas Corp OMV in Vienna, the operator Tank&Rast of the expressway gas station and the Circle K of the chain convenience store group. Although the number can not be compared with Tesla, but the IONITY charging station output power will be as high as 350kW, exceeding Tesla super charging station two times. Tesla super charging station's output power is 120kW, charging 30 minutes to continue to drive 170 miles (about 273 kilometers).

"This is the first high power charging network in Europe, which will play an important role in promoting the rapid development of the electric car market. IONITY will provide consumers with fast charging and digital payment functions to improve the experience and experience of electric vehicle travel." Michael Hagetz, CEO of IONITY, said he was responsible for the construction and operation of BMW's charging facilities. As early as the end of last year, four car companies signed a preliminary agreement and agreed to establish a charging station network. Recently, the project has finally come to the ground, and "unprecedented cooperation" is designed to quickly build a large number of charging stations, allowing drivers to travel through electric cars.

The four cars are full of confidence in the prospect of the charging station, and their common desire is that the future of electric cars can be as convenient as the traditional gas station. Daimler CEO Tsai Che said: "high power charging stations make long-distance electric travel possible, and will attract more and more consumers to choose electric vehicles." "The cooperation project is a milestone, showing that competing companies are joint efforts to promote electric travel," said BMW CEO, in a statement.

Oil giants dabble in the field of charging

In the face of the trend of electric power coming, traditional energy enterprises are unwilling to be eliminated and choose to follow up. After the four big car companies announced the construction of the charging station, the German energy giant, Y. ang announced that it would build 10 thousand charging piles in Europe around 2020. Previously, Italy had a strategic partnership with Danish energy company Clever to build an electric vehicle ultra fast charging station network in Europe, which also cooperated with Tank&Rast, the largest gas station operator in Germany, to build a charging network.

In October 12th, Shell announced that it would buy NewMotion, the largest European electric vehicle charging station operator. As early as September, Shell announced that it would provide fast charge services for electric vehicles at three gas stations in the UK and said "it will expand the range of fast filling in the UK, Holland and Philippines." By the end of this year, there will be 10 Shell gas stations in Europe to provide charging services for electric vehicles. In fact, Shell had already joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIn e.V.) (International Association for charging standards), and participated in the industry collaboration, infrastructure construction, communication and integration of the grid, and so on.

Bob Dudley, the chief executive of BP, has also said recently that the company is negotiating with electric car makers to discuss charging piles for electric vehicles at its global gas station. Dudley said: "we are ready for the era of electrodynamics." At present, the oil giants are entering the new energy field. Apart from Shell and BP, the French Total company also hopes to get a share in the growing electric vehicle market.

The "ban on the sale of fuel cars" is a hot topic in many European countries, and the oil giants are beginning to take precautions to lay out rechargeable pile construction and other alternative energy to hedge against the risk of fuel cars. Total predicts that in the next 10 years, the sales of electric vehicles will occupy nearly 1/3 of the automobile market. Shell CEO Ben van Borden predicted that fuel demand would peak at the end of 2020. Therefore, the company has also created a new business department to develop clean energy technology.

Can the stones of other mountains attack the jade

In fact, China's oil companies have already begun to lay out in the field of new energy vehicles. PetroChina and FAW, Sinopec and Beiqi new energy began to cooperate in 2016 to carry out the pilot and promotion of charging and exchanging business in gas stations. Recently, China Resources and transportation group announced that it has signed an agreement with CNPC to acquire more than 840 petrol filling stations' charging stations. The construction of the charging pile of the oil company has a unique advantage. Its supporting facilities and infrastructure are relatively perfect, and the problems of land use and electricity use can be avoided, and the resources and costs can be saved, the efficiency of the use of resources and the convenience of the users are improved.

Liu Kai, director of the Ministry of information and certification of the China electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance, thinks that the high power and fast charging station should be used widely in the three scenes: first, the parking resources in the north of China, Liu Kai, director of the Ministry of information and certification of the China electric vehicle charging infrastructure Promotion Alliance Very scarce areas, centralized planning of high-power charging stations can ease the problem of resource tension; secondly, on the highway, once the size of electric vehicles to a certain extent, the longer the charging time will lead to the safety of the highway; third, the high time cost of special vehicles, such as urban buses, buses and logistics vehicles. However, Liu Kai also pointed out that the development path of IONITY has its unique reasons, which is not suitable for copying and copying according to China's national conditions.

Wang Binggang, the leader of the national new energy automotive technology innovation engineering group, said in an interview with the China automobile newspaper reporter that the construction of the infrastructure for electric vehicles in China has been transferred from the whole vehicle to the charging pile enterprise. It is of no significance and necessity for the whole vehicle enterprises in China. "In fact, many years ago, our country has experienced the construction of infrastructure by the whole vehicle enterprise, but now a large number of professional charging pile enterprises have been born, in which some large enterprises have emerged. This is the phenomenon of the biggest electric car market in China. What Europe is going now may be the way we used to go. " Wang Binggang said.

However, at present, China's rechargeable pile enterprises have not fully enjoyed the benefits of the policy, but are facing a severe survival dilemma. Most of the pile companies are losing operation and many are still struggling to survive in the malignant competition. Wang Binggang suggested that industry organizations and alliances have such aspects as standard unification, data statistics, technology exchange and APP construction. It should play a key role in coordination and communication, and become a powerful driving force for boosting the industry. "As the market continues to mature and move forward, China's electric vehicle infrastructure construction industry will be able to overcome the difficulties one by one, and the prospects can be expected." At last, he said confidently.

Whether it is a car company to build a charging station, or the oil giant's desire for charging pile layout, it is a reflection of the fact that the age of electric cars is really not far away. There is no doubt that the sale of fuel cars is a brick and mortar. The entry of car companies and oil companies has stirred up the European charging pile industry, which is dominated by the power energy group and Internet Co.

Car enterprises jointly build charging stations can not only achieve the goal of cost saving, but also provide better offline services for electric vehicle consumers. Oil companies embrace new energy or become a trend, which have unparalleled advantages in land use, electricity use, user distance and so on. Especially on the highway, the monopolistic petroleum enterprises provide more advantages for charging services, and a new pattern of combination of gas stations and charging piles in the future. At present, the popularity of electric vehicles needs to solve the problem of lack of charging infrastructure. Many people collect firewood and build up charging piles, which may drive the construction of charging piles to a higher level, so that electric vehicles can enter more "ordinary families".

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