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Shell works with auto makers to build high speed charging piles for European highway construction

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Shell works with auto makers to build high speed charging piles for European highway construction

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Recently, Holland's Royal Shell will cooperate with top auto makers to deploy super fast charging piles on the European freeway, preempting the biggest obstacle to the development of electric vehicles.

Charging pile

Shell and IONITY, a joint venture with BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen, will initially install high performance charging piles in 80 freeway service areas in 2019.

Including the French Engie and Germany E.On power giants, as well as the American start-up ChargePoint, including small businesses, will also build a charging network in Europe. But Shell said that IONITY's technology is the key to solving the mileage.

Although electric cars are still small in the global car market, the fast growth rate and the continuing downturn in the price of crude oil will prompt oil companies to reassess a century of business model and push the world to a cleaner transport model.

According to Shell's most radical forecast, the ratio of electric cars to the global car market will rise from about 1% to 10% in 2025, and the replacement of crude oil demand is equivalent to 800 thousand barrels a day.

Shell's competitor, BP, said in August this year that the company is negotiating with the electric car manufacturer to provide charging piles at its gas station.

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