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Application of wireless charging pile technology in electric vehicle

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Application of wireless charging pile technology in electric vehicle

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How can wireless charging piles be applied to electric vehicles? Next, we will finally put forward the specific application methods of wireless charging in the electric vehicle through the simple analysis of the charging location, charging mode and charging battery.

First, the selection of the location of the charging pile. The wireless charging technology is related to the distance and state of the charger and the charging equipment, that is to say, the distance between the two can not be too large, and there is no relative motion between the two, otherwise the power can not be transmitted steadily and effectively. Therefore, the location of charging can only be the location where the car stays, that is, garage, parking lot, intersection and so on. The charging device of the bus can also be installed on the bus website. Of course, a charging station can also be specially arranged beside the conditions permitted or by the expressway, so as to facilitate the charging of vehicles.

Secondly, the selection of charging mode. From the three charging methods, it can be seen that the distance of electromagnetic induction charging is too small, the efficiency of radio wave charging is too low, and the distance and efficiency of electromagnetic resonance charge can meet the needs of the battery car.

Finally, the choice of rechargeable battery. Electric vehicles will be charged at any time in the city, so it is necessary to choose a pollution-free and memory free battery to charge.

Through comparison, we have a clear idea about the application of wireless charging in electric vehicles. On the one hand, in the construction of road and building engineering, the power supply unit is pre embedded in the intersection, the parking lot of the public parking lot, the parking space of the unit or the community, and the charger under the garage. The charger is connected to the power grid or the solar panel; on the other hand, the car manufacturer will install the wireless charging receiver at the bottom of the car and connect with the battery and other equipment. In addition, the relevant state departments should unify the frequency of transmitting and receiving signals so that they can be used.

Charging pile

Problems needing attention in the application and development of wireless charging technology

1., the state should formulate corresponding policies to encourage, support and standardize the development of wireless charging vehicles and the construction of charging facilities. The development of an industry or enterprise, especially the industry or enterprise that benefits the country and the people, is inseparable from the support of the state. Wireless charging is a newly started field. Its effective development can solve a bottleneck in the development of electric vehicles to a great extent. However, because of the huge investment in its research and development, it needs to be encouraged and supported by the state so as to speed up its research and development process and make it possible to apply it as soon as possible.

2. no matter what kind of battery to be charged and used in the final way, the state and local authorities should study its frequency, safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other aspects, avoiding waste, avoiding adverse effects on human health and avoiding new pollution to the environment. At the same time, it should be publicised to avoid people's electromagnetic field. The fear of fear.

3. in practice, attention should be paid to the protection of the transmitter when it is placed underground.

4. in areas where rainwater is more, besides the waterproof of underground facilities, the waterproof treatment of the receiving end of the vehicle is also a problem to consider.

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