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Electrification is the trend of the times. How to invest in the market prospect of charging pile?

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Electrification is the trend of the times. How to invest in the market prospect of charging pile?

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The "double integral" policy, published recently, has made electric cars the focus of the debate again. As a new energy car, the future of electric cars is widely expected. However, although the charging facilities have developed, it has not been fundamentally improved and has a huge space for development. At a time, the major enterprises have been aiming at the charging market and actively intervening, hoping to reshape the pattern of the charging industry.

In recent years, automobile exhaust pollution in cities has become more and more serious. This has become the main reason for the country to make greater efforts to develop electric vehicles. Data show that in the first half of 2017, global sales of electric vehicles totaled 449817 vehicles, up 41% over the same period last year, and sales of electric vehicles exceeded 100 thousand in June alone.

As the largest new energy vehicle owner in the world, China is also the largest producer of charging piles. According to the author's data, as of October 2017, the total number of public charging piles in China reached 195 thousand, and private charging piles amounted to 188 thousand.

Charging pile

According to the national plan, by 2020, China will add more than 12 thousand new centralized power stations and more than 4 million 800 thousand dispersed charging piles to meet the needs of 5 million electric vehicles in the country. To achieve this goal, the enthusiasm of charging piles everywhere will not be reduced.

Although the number of public charging facilities in the domestic charging infrastructure is ranked first in the world, it is in sharp contrast to the prosperity of the electric vehicle market that the proportion of domestic electric vehicles and charging facilities is far from the international level. Moreover, the existing charging facilities also have many operational problems.

The utilization rate of charging stations has not been high, idle and damaged seriously, and the low efficiency of charging operation is the main reason. The rechargeable pile companies have not fully enjoyed the benefits of the policy, and even added unnecessary costs for various practical reasons, and many are still struggling to survive in the vicious competition.

As the industry of the tuyere, the new energy vehicles are developing rapidly in the state policy, and the construction of the charging infrastructure is also hot. The encouragement measures are also directly stimulated by all kinds of capital, and even some outsiders flock into it. On the one hand, these influx boosts the development of the market, and on the other hand, it brings vicious competition that impedes market development.

However, from another perspective, the disadvantages of charging infrastructure are also creating new business opportunities.

The charging Unicorn company is developing. With the maturity of the policy and market environment, the charging industry will have its own Unicorn company. This requires enterprises to seize the opportunities of new technology development and keep up with new hot spots.

Car charging is following the trend of the electric vehicle, moving from the traditional industrial electrical equipment to the intelligent consumer life service terminal. Although there are some problems in the development of charging pile, I believe that with the maturity of policy and market, the scale of charging pile will reach 100 billion yuan in the future.

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