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Guangzhou next year bus 100% electric construction, bus charging pile 4960.

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Guangzhou next year bus 100% electric construction, bus charging pile 4960.

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The Guangzhou municipal executive meeting, which was held yesterday, examined and passed the "work program for promoting the electric bus electrification of Guangzhou" and "the implementation plan for speeding up the construction of Guangzhou bus charging facilities", and made clear the relevant objectives, tasks and requirements of the bus electrification work in Guangzhou. The plan proposes that 4960 charging buses will be built from 2017 to 2018 to ensure that vehicle operation matches the charging infrastructure.

Formulation of financial subsidies

The work program proposed that since 2017, 100% new and updated buses have been used to promote the use of pure electric vehicles, and strive to realize bus electrification by the end of 2018, and put forward relevant measures in the aspects of vehicle procurement, charging pile construction, financial subsidies, vehicle technical support and so on.

The organization city bus group (chip) studies the commercial model of the bus electrification. On the basis of funds calculation, this paper discusses the financing methods, selects the commercial operation mode which is consistent with the actual situation and sustainable development, and solves the problem of large fund pressure in the short term. At the same time, research and formulation of new energy bus financial subsidy measures, the implementation of new energy bus purchase, charging pile construction, electricity increasing capacity and other financial subsidy funds, support bus enterprises to accelerate the promotion of the work of bus electrification.

The work plan also requires improving the technical support capability of pure electric buses. In the promotion and utilization of pure electric buses, charging infrastructure and supporting power grid construction are necessary basic conditions. By the preliminary statistics, as of October 30, 2017, the city has completed a total of 12500 public utilities and special charging facilities, and a certain scale of urban charging service network has been built up.

Promoting the construction of bus charging facilities

In the "work plan", it is clear that the city industry and credit department will integrate the electric bus electrification supporting facilities into the planning of the city's charging infrastructure. According to the existing distribution of current substation facilities and bus vehicles, the existing resources are fully utilized to expand and increase the capacity of the city and promote the public transport in accordance with the principle of 1:2. Charging infrastructure construction and supporting grid construction work to ensure that vehicle operation and charging infrastructure match.

The implementation plan further clarified that according to the total number of new pure electric buses in the city, the bus charging facilities should be built. From 2017 to 2018, 4960 bus charging piles were built, including 1217 charging piles completed in 2017, and 3743 charging piles in 2018.

According to the principle of "vehicle charging linkage", according to the main body of regional and bus operation, the main body of investment facilities construction and operation management of charging facilities is established in three categories. First, the municipal public bus supporting charging facilities are responsible for the charge facilities construction and operation company formed by the city bus group and the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. Two is the clear investment construction and operation main body of the private buses in the downtown area, and the three is the Huadu District, Panyu District, Nansha District and Conghua district. And Zengcheng district bus charging facilities, according to the relevant municipal government's unified deployment according to the municipal level practice, make clear the main body of investment and construction and operation.

The implementation plan also puts forward that 5 measures such as building a charging facility, building a batch of roadside charging facilities, planning a batch of large comprehensive public transport stations and building a charging facility are fully utilized in the implementation plan, which fully excavate the potential and guarantee the construction land of the bus charging facilities to solve the problem of "difficult land use". At the same time, all the bus charging facilities are required to access the intelligent management platform of Guangzhou charging facilities, and the bus charging facilities operation enterprises should fulfill the responsibility of the safety production main body.

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