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Do you really know how to use a charging pile to charge it?

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Do you really know how to use a charging pile to charge it?

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With the popularity of electric vehicles, the problem of electric vehicle charging has also come. Electric vehicle charging has become a very big safety hazard. Because there are no regulations on the use of charging piles, many electric vehicle owners are using charging piles randomly.

So what is the proper way to use charging piles?

Reading a new car manual

When using a new car, we must carefully read the new car instructions, there are detailed information about the car, such as the specific requirements of a new car charging, different brands of different types of cars have a certain difference.

Charging pile

Mastering the charging time correctly

The normal charging time of the battery is about 8-10 hours, and the car battery, like the ordinary battery, has to avoid overcharge or long discontent, which will lead to a shorter battery life. Therefore, we should arrange the charging ahead of schedule to avoid the shortage of power.

Mastering the use method of charging pile

Take a shared charge pile for example, the general charging pile will have a two-dimensional code sign, sweep one sweep can enter the public number or APP page, registration after the login can be used. The charging gun on the charging pile is inserted into the electric vehicle connection port, which shows that after the electric vehicle is connected to the charging pile, it can be clicked on the scavenging charge or the serial number charge on the mobile phone screen. After the battery is charged, click and stop charging in the service number, then unplug the charging line.

Charging pile

It is recommended to recharge every day

Even if there is not much traffic, it is advised to charge every day, so that the battery is in shallow circulation, and the battery life will be extended.

Charging pile

We must pay attention to these small details when charging, otherwise the batteries will not be destroyed, and the charging piles and cars will be damaged to a certain extent.

Do not pull the charging gun

Because there are still fewer charging stations for electric vehicles, standing in front of charging piles is very serious. Some owners pulled out the charging guns that had not yet been cut off because of impatience. This not only damages the car battery, but also damages the charging pile, so even if you are in a hurry, please wait until the charging gun stops working.

Charging pile

Do not recharge with a connected line

Shared charging piles are less, many cars queued up, and part of the community is not allowed to install private charging piles, but many owners choose to take a long charge board from home and use the household charger to charge the car. But such behavior is very dangerous, which is likely to cause short circuit to cause auto ignition.

Charging pile

Turn off the car headlights when charging

When you charge, remember to turn off the headlights because the power of the steam lamp belongs to the battery of the electric vehicle rather than the power battery of the car. So if you forget to turn off the lights, the power battery is still full, because the battery will not fire if it does not have a voltage.

Charging pile

Don't recharge one side of the air conditioner

Charging the air conditioner is the same as playing the mobile phone when we charge. It is easy to affect the battery activity, thereby reducing battery life.

Charging pile

So let's not see that electric vehicle charging is very simple. There are many points to note when charging. Long term neglect may result in early retirement of batteries. The battery of an electric vehicle is no more than that of an electric bicycle.

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