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Tesla part of the charging pile has been transformed into the reasons behind the GB interface?

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Tesla part of the charging pile has been transformed into the reasons behind the GB interface?

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

In order to support the standard of China's charging interface, Tesla has launched AC slow charge and DC fast charging switch to support the standard of China's charging interface, and then released the message that it will upgrade the current super charging pile and gradually upgrade it into a unified interface that meets the national standard. At present, in the domestic front-line cities, some areas of the super charging pile has been completed, but the specific opening time is to wait until December, and the old car owners have also been receiving the two kinds of national standard transfer head.

The new trip was found in the Shenzhen Bay Stadium, and the Tesla super charging pile in the field had nearly half completed the transformation that met the GB interface, but the recharged rechargeable pile has also been suspended, but the super charging pile that has not been modified remains to be used normally.

By calling to Tesla officials, it was informed that, as the new batch of Tesla Model S and Model X, equipped with the national standard charging interface, will arrive in December, the remodeled post will begin to operate normally in December.

At the same time, the government also said that in the same area, in the same area, whether it is the use of super charged piles to charge, or the reformed national standard DC charging pile to charge, the specific charge is exactly the same as before. Tesla's old car owners will also be able to go to direct stores to receive two kinds of transfer heads compatible with the national standard interface, but the news that the net's future other pure electric vehicles can also use the Tesla national standard charging pile does not respond.

About Tesla super charging pile upgrading and the status quo shows:

1, part of the same area (a certain proportion) super charging pile has been gradually transformed into a charging pile that accords with the national standard interface.

2, the modified GB charging pile will be put into operation in December, because the first batch of Mode S/Model X, which supports the national standard, will arrive at the store next month.

3, at present Tesla Mode S/Model X's old car owner can go to Tesla direct store to receive two kinds of compatible national standard charging adapter.

4, in the same area, when charging the charging pile in line with the national standard, the charges will be the same as those used before.

5, net: because the rechargeable piling after the Tesla conforms to the GB interface, other brands that support fast charged pure electric vehicles can also be charged, but the government has not yet responded.

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