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Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co.Ltd is one of new high-tech enterprise which with professional R&D, production and marketing services.It’s a limited liability company with professional R&D team and management team based on Modern enterprise system specification. Our company is committed to the new energy technologies and energy-saving emission reduction to provide overall operation and product solutions. Hongjiali New Energy has a wide range of technical research and experience in the construction of charging solutions and charging facilities for electric vehicles and electric bicycles, providing professional and comprehensive and integrated charging equipment and charging station construction integrated solutions for our clients, and adhere to the people-oriented, quality first, customer first, the pursuit of excellence in corporate philosophy, make a significant contribution for the development of green charging industry, energy-saving emission reduction.

Our company with rich product range, as far our company has developed a total of more than 10 major categories of more than 200 products, main products with DC integrated charging pile, DC split charging pile, DC advertising charging pile, AC advertising charging pile, advertising integrated charging pile, AC&DC integrated charging pile,electric bicycle charging pile, electric bike charging and switching cabinet and so on. Each product is carefully crafted, and strive to provide the best user experience and the best quality assurance for our clients.

Looking to the future, we will continue to invest in research and development, grasp new opportunities for development, actively expand new industries such as new energy, energy-saving and emission reduction through continuous technological innovation and

integration and industrial alliance cooperation, with international perspective, confidently meet the challenges and build us as a world-class energy service provider.

Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co.Ltd

Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co.Ltd

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